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New Projects

Ok, so these are ideas that are emerging.  Works in progress.  I will update this area as we progress!

pk press.png

I make zines, read zines and love zines!  I believe content at art that connects energetically can only be created by actual human beings (not bots) and will be coveted in the emerging, dominant Ai content-driven media industry. 


So creating a zine distro made sense.  You will find some of my zines and others available for sale/download in the pk press shop! 


I host discursive events, conversations, gatherings and salons related to feminism, post-growth economics and entrepreneurship at Harlow Sound Studios.  These are by invitation only.  We don't have much space! That said, if you are on my list, I will make sure you get an invite! 

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Check out my monthly substack newsletter for norm busters, radicals and activist entrepreneurs! 

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