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"Entrepreneurship is an act of conscious rebellion"

"Hi! My name is pk mutch (call me pk). I am a feminist, serial, activist venture creator and innovator. 


  I chose this path 20 years ago because I am so done with patriarchy, systemic oppression, rigged capitalism, and ways of living, loving and working we have collectively outgrown.  

I am on a mission to rid entrepreneurship education of neoliberalism and patriarchy.  It's time to align entrepreneurial pursuits with post growth economy values . 

I work primarily B2B or B2O. I consult, advise, design and support incubator and accelerator programs . I am a super-connector in the women's entrepreneurship space. 


My practice is to study, teach, write, experiment and operationalize theory by in my own activist businesses and projects.  I am not a loner. I engage with and am accountable to dozens of allied communities and movement groups. I work in ways that centres grassroots work, pluriversity, feminist and post-growth visions of utopia. My approach is grounded in love, imagination, hope, generosity, pleasure and joy. 


This is my personal site.  Here you will find all my stuff in one place.  To work with me, click here. To learn more about my active ventures  HighWire Collective, LiisBeth or LiisBethMX, click here.  Writing samples, click here.  Other initiatives? Click here. 

➜ Human Design: 1/3 Projector
➜ Zodiac: Aquarius

➜ High5test: Philomath, Storyteller, Strategist, Coach


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