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Signature Workshops

About Our Workshops

These bespoke, unique workshops were co-created and developed over time and informed by lived experience as facilitators in the entrepreneurship and venture crafting space.  We offer them on demand and on an ad hoc basis on Eventbrite for anyone interested in participating in one!  Each workshop comes in two formats--a 90-minute introduction or a 3-hour think-and-do version where we not only share the framework and concepts but help participants work through them.  Participants will receive copies of slide decks, templates and guide booklets.

  • The 90-minute version with two facilitators/10-25 participants averages $800 for large host enterprises (more than ten paid full-time staff) and $600  for micro-enterprises.  Fees include a license to library materials and authorization to record the session and reuse it within the organization for up to two years. 

  • The 180-minute version with two facilitators/10-25 participants averages $1500 for large host enterprises (more than ten paid full-time staff) and 1200 for micro-enterprises.  Fees include a license to library materials plus authorization to record the session and reuse it within the organization for up to two years.

  • We are keenly aware of the environmental impact of air travel. If in-person presence is what is needed to achieve the outcomes desired, we would like to work with you for a plan for offsetting carbon generated as a result. 

Barter/time bank trades will be considered.  For larger groups (25+), please add $25/pp.  Our materials and workshops prioritize accessibility. We work to provide accommodations where possible. 

Communal Entrepreneurship: Enterprise Ecosystem Mapping, Engagement and Strategy

No one builds and sustains a new enterprise alone. and all enterprises need enterprise to enterprise connections and support. In this workshop, we will show you how to map your enterprise's current, desired and future ecosystem.  By being intentional about your ecosystem connections, you will begin to build a web of resources, connection and generativity that will help you thrive. 

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Radical Governance: How to Align Your Board's Policies and Practices with Social Justice Aims. 

This timely show and share workshop is about bylaw reforms that reflect feminist, inclusive, and post-capitalist values-based governance.

In our work to advance a more just, inclusive economy, one of the most overlooked social change leverage points are board of directors, advisory boards, plus the articulation of organizational bylaws, both formal and informal. In this seminar, we will take a look at current board practices, lived experience, and why we all need to take another look at bylaws and radically change them to align with our collective vision of a more inclusive, oppression-free world.


Liberatory Entrepreneurship Meet Ups

I offer casual, one-hour hosted and facilitated liberatory entrepreneurship meetup conversation for those interested in talking about how to design and operate a post-growth or anti-capitalist enterprise. Visit Eventbrite to sign up!


Feminist Enterprise Practices: Why they Matter and How They Help You Succeed.

This workshop is for entrepreneurs looking to learn about and how to resource, thrive and embed their post-capitalist, feminist and radically better world values into the design, structure and operating practices of their enterprise (including for-profit, nonprofit, cooperative, collective or informal community projects).


Cash/Resource Flow Modelling: Evaluating Start Up Feasibility Via A Feminist Lens

Every entrepreneur needs to learn how to model their cash flow and resource prospects when starting or running an enterprise.  In this workshop, we work with participants to model their cash flow out for a minimum of three years so you can tell if your enterprise idea meets your needs, and is ultimately feasible. Workshop provides a template to work with with embedded instructions. 

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Offers and Needs Market

I am trained Post Growth Institute Offers and Needs Market (OANM) facilitator.  OANMs are events where entrepreneurs, people come together to unlock resources in their midst.  This offers and needs market event operates in alignment with feminist and social justice values. 

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