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My Teachers

My work is informed by many others. Here I share the work of many incredible artists, thought leaders, researchers, writers, activists, leaders, and everyday people whose work provided me with language, new directions, frameworks and ways to make sense of it all.  


Scholars & Thought Partners

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Plus My Favorite Book Lists, Videos, Playlists and Podcasts

This list was co-created by the readership community in response to the Murder of George Floyd in 2020. 

Hard hitting revolutionary feminist take on Canadian politics with Nora Loretto (Quebec) and Sandy Hudson (LA)

This list was co-created with the community in 2019. Its an awesome list of core feminist reading--according to this community. 

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Throughout 2019 and 2020, LiisBeth Media Sponsored a series of interviews with Canadian Feminist writers. You can watch the edited 15 minute highlight reels here.  Authors featured includes Leanne Betsamosake Simpson, Shauna Lambert, Catherine Bush, Nora Loretto, and Dr. Cheri DiNovo, to name a few! 

Looking for feminist, activist or revolutionary music  playlists featuring emerging artists?  Check it out here! 

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