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All the worlds a stage--and I love being on it!  (is that weird?)

I have presented keynotes to groups of 500+, developed recorded talks for Youtube, and am a frequent online/live panellist, event host and panel moderator.  My keynote talks are designed to be memorable, generative and inspire action. Stories come from lived experience, interviews and research. Assertions, data presented are cited/ evidence-based.  As a moderator, I decentre myself and focus on drawing out the best of our panellists and delighting audiences.  The approach (fun, serious) varies depending on the group. Still, my special sauce is participative facilitation, competent research and designing generative questions, and facilitating entertaining conversations between panellists, and between the audience and panellists. 

Heads up:  I do not work with speaker's bureaus.  Moderating fees start at $600 CAD (1 hour). Keynotes start at $1800+ and include transcript, slides and other offers to your audience. Event hosting for a full day starts at $2000.  All fees include anticipated pre and post-event work. 

Recent Work

pk mutch, panelist.


The "Illuminating the Veiled Bias of AI: Equality and Ethics" webinar, organized by the Canadian Women's Chamber of Commerce, provides a platform to highlight and address the biases ingrained within AI systems. By exploring the implications across various domains, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges at hand and foster an environment conducive to unbiased AI. We are on the verge of an existential crisis that could change the world forever.

Women's Entrepreneurship Knowlege Hub

Moderator: PK MUTCH.

Tina Dacin, Stephen J.R. Smith Chaired Professor, Smith School of Business began the conversation with a look at the challenges and opportunities in this space, and the many different forms social enterprises can take. Dacin suggested that social entrepreneurs in Canada would benefit from the support and guidance of a strong policy framework, similar to the one that governs social enterprises in the UK.

LiisBeth Interview 

Join me as I interview the Honourable Minister for Small Business, Export and Promotions, Mary Ng for an article to be published in Liiseth.  The video was taken just before the opening of the SheEO (now Coralus) Summit, 2020 . 

Video conversation led by pk mutch. 

In fall 2022, I attended the Socialism 2022 conference held in Chicago, September 2-5th.  Colleague CV Harquail and I decided to record a video to share our learnings and in particular, books and authors we encountered at the event that inspired us. 

Post Growth Summit, 2022

pk mutch, event host, panel moderator, presenter.


The Post Growth Summit, hosted by the Ontario College of Art and Design in November 2022 brought together academics, artists and entrepreneurs to talk about the impact of the post-growth economics conversation on entrepreneurship as a field, societal role and way of making a living. 


pk mutch: co-host, organizer


In 2015, a group of committed individuals and organizations got together and in 8 weeks, organized and raised over $60 in cash and in kind awards for a social enterprise pitch competition in Toronto attended by over 200. Another example of what a small group of people can do if they put their minds to it!

Vlog Work

Instead of writing my viewpoints for LiisBeth Media, I started recording them.  This is a DYI video, made at home, in front of the computer. 

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