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What is Post Growth Entrepreneurship?

by pk mutch (Nov 2022)

If you read the news, you can see why post-growth economics has been gaining a lot of traction. From Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economics) to Tim Jackson (Prosperity without Growth), and with news this month that the earth's population had reached 8 billion combined with disappointing COP27 results, the post-growth conversation seems more relevant than ever. Contrary to what most people think, post-growth is not simply the opposite of growth. And it does not mean no growth. It is about redefining growth. It is about creating an economic system that would put humanity in sync with nature. It would change how and what we consume, how and where we produce, change travel and the way enterprises define success. Concepts such as work-sharing and universal basic income are part of the post-growth economy conversation. Many economists believe that thanks to the pandemic and now palpable effects of climate change, the post-growth economy will be here sooner than we think. But the transition will not be easy. According to Jackson, realization would require Western countries to shift their economies from mass-market production to local services - such as nursing, teaching and handicraft. Thought leaders like Donnie Maclurcan (Executive Director of The Post Growth Institute) and tech entrepreneur Melanie Riebeck believe the future is in building a non-profit, for-profit economy. The question that will be explored in this summit specifically is this: If a post-growth economy is coming, and desired, what is the role of the entrepreneur? What does it mean to be - and succeed - as a post-growth entrepreneur? What does a post-growth venture look like? Post-growth leadership? If nobody buys things they don't really need anymore, what does a startup in a dematerialized world sell? Create? And what kinds of skills, policies, resources, and services will the post-growth entrepreneur need to thrive? Check out the event video here. It is about 2.5 hours long. The keynote and panel begins about one hour into the video.

Note: Plans for Post Growth Summit 2023 are underway! Watch for details!

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