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I built a beautiful thriving enterprise, only to lose it to greed and power, I fought for it. Hard. But was ultimated defeated--because after two years, I could hardly stand.  I felt like an alligator had taken a chunk out of my side. Many were watching the battle from the stands. Eyes. Everywhere. I felt humiliated.  But somehow walked on. 


The title I/Thou is from the book of the same title by German philosopher, Martin Buber. Buber's idea is that there are two ways to exist: With the attitude of the "I" towards an "It", towards an object that is separate in itself, which we either use or experience. Or, the attitude of the "I" towards "Thou", in a relationship in which the other is not separated by discrete bounds.


We all need to move from I to thou. 

I/THOU: collage by pk mutch

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